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What assurance can you give me about quality and food safety?Updated a month ago

All Years meals are nothing but 100% wholefoods with 60% prime cuts of meat or fish, vibrant veg, seeds, fruit, herbs and essentials oils – we want your dog to get 100% of the goodness. There are no added colours, flavours or preservatives. 

All ingredients used are taken from the human food chain, i.e. no by-products or waste items are included in our meals, and that is clear to see when you look at the meals. We don’t mush it up like other dog food companies because there is nothing to hide in our recipes, just great quality ingredients! 

With our Steam Fresh™ cooking process, our chefs cook all the fresh, wholefood ingredients in an airtight tray that locks in all the nutrients, meat broth and goodness. And our new recyclable meal trays enable a quicker distribution of steam, resulting in a 63% reduction in cooking times. 

Less cooking means more micronutrient retention, ensuring your dog is getting maximum nutrition!

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