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What ingredients are in Years meals?Updated a month ago

Designed with the goal of helping your dog live a longer, healthier and happier life, your Years meal includes the following ingredients in the correct proportions based on your dog’s unique needs:

  • Seasonal wholefoods – that you would eat yourself. Gently Steam Fresh™ cooked by our Nottinghamshire chefs.
  • Prime cuts of meat or fish – from maturated steak to skinless chicken thighs. You can see the meat your dog is eating, you won’t get any brown mush from us!
  • Seeds, fruits and vibrant vegetables – Antioxidant powerhouses, all marinated in a meaty broth so even fussier dogs enjoy.
  • Natural prebiotics – to support your dog's gut microbiome. Naturally occurring in quinoa, sweet potato, and hemp oil.

You can find details of the ingredients at the links below. To see the analytical constituents, the added vitamins & minerals and other nutritional information for each recipe, select the green “Find out more” button.
Adult meals
Puppy meals

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