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What is the fat content of your meals?Updated a month ago

All our meals are made using 60% prime cuts of meat and fish – from maturated steak to skinless chicken thighs. You can see the meat your dog is eating (no brown mush from us!)

The minimum crude fat content in a dog’s diet should be around 5.5%.

The fat content for each of our adult recipes is as follows

  • Pork Shoulder Sage & Apple Stew  - 7.73% Crude fats and oils
  • Salmon & Pollock Cauliflower Bake - 9.65% 
  • Steak & Kidney Mushroom Hotpot - 9.44% 
  • Chicken Thigh Mediterranean Casserole - 8.36% 
  • Turkey Thigh Cranberry Fricassee 8.28% 

You can find all the details for each recipe here

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