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What is the meat content?Updated a month ago

We believe that dog food should be real food, food that you would eat yourself, like juicy steak or tender chicken! 

And this is why we only ever use actual cuts of meats that you would recognise and never mechanically separated meat, or “human-grade” goo! 

All ingredients used are taken from the human food chain, i.e. no by-products or waste items are included in our meals, and that is clear to see when you look at the meals. We don’t mush it up like other dog food companies because there is nothing to hide in our recipes, just great quality ingredients! 

Your dog will enjoy dishes made with matured steak, skinless turkey, chicken thighs, pork shoulder and fish fillets, paired with super fruits, seeds and vibrant vegetables to give them all the nutrients they require.

You can find details of the ingredients at the links below. To see the analytical constituents, the added vitamins & minerals and other nutritional information for each recipe, select the green “Find out more” button.
Adult meals
Puppy meals

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