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What is the quality of the meat used in Years meals?Updated a month ago

We are passionate about using prime cuts of meat from the muscle such as steak, chicken, and turkey thigh, which is higher quality than "human grade" meat.

“human-grade” meat is a term commonly used in the dog food industry to give the impression of high-quality meat. However, “human grade” simply means that the ingredient could be used in a human meal. So “human grade” is often a disguise for mechanically separated meat.

There is a big difference between mechanically separated meat and a mouthwatering prime cut of steak. We know which we would prefer to eat, which dogs would prefer to eat, and therefore which makes it into our meals!

We believe that all animals should be treated with respect and live a humane and fulfilling life. This is why we source all of our meat ethically from family farms with strict welfare standards. All of our wholefood and superfood ingredients are locally sourced also.

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