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How do I change my delivery date or skip a delivery?Updated a month ago

That’s really easy in your account – but please be aware that we need at least 3 days notice before your next delivery date to make changes to an order, including changing the delivery date.

If you have an order that has already been charged for and has been packed by our Kitchen team, no changes can be made.

To change a delivery date for a future order (at least 3 days ahead) first log into your account here

On a mobile/tablet, first select Delivery then select Change delivery date.

On a laptop, PC or Mac you can go straight to Change delivery date after logging in

Make sure you select Change to confirm.

To skip a delivery it's the same steps but select Skip shipment instead of Change Delivery date.

If you have more than one dog, follow the above steps for each plan that you want to adjust.
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