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How do I change my dog's portion size?Updated 2 months ago

Our serving size recommendation is based on the information you give us, and we’ve worked hard to make sure we provide an accurate individual recommendation – but nobody knows your dog quite like you, and if you feel they need more or less than our suggestion, then it’s really easy to change your plan.

Just log into your account here 

➡️On a mobile or tablet, first select Meal plan then select Change daily serving 

➡️On a PC/Mac/Laptop, you're already in the right place so just select Change daily serving

On the next page you'll see your dog's suggested plan, and then below you have the option to change to a different daily serving  
After choosing the new plan, select Next - you then just need to select your delivery frequency and confirm your chosen recipes. 
Make sure you select Save to lock in your changes!

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