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Is your packaging recyclable?

Our commitment to sustainability has never been stronger and we've taken action to reduce energy consumption, slash packaging waste, and conserve water resources. We've reduced our packaging by a massive 52%!. Our BRAND NEW eco-friendly packaging is

Do you offer samples of your meals?

We don’t offer free samples of our meals, but you can order a trial box, which lets you and your dog experience the truly life changing benefits of Years. A trial box starts from £3, depending on your dog’s age, activity, breed and the calories they

How much does Years cost?

The price of Years' food is less than you think. It’s unique to your dog and is always great value. Years plans start from less than £2 per day, but your plan is dependent on your dog's calorie requirement, and how often you want a delivery. We do al

Where are Years’ meals made?

Our chefs prepare your dog’s tailored meals right here in our Nottinghamshire kitchen.

How do I get in touch?

There are several ways you can contact us:. Our team is here to help you with ANY query, even if it's not related to our food. Our goal is to help dogs live longer, whether they’re eating Years or not!

Can I trial Years before I sign up for a subscription?

Your subscription plan will automatically follow on from a trial box so there is continuity in your dog’s diet (and so you don’t run out), it removes the need for another transition period, which some dogs may find difficult. But you are in complete

My dog is refusing to eat – what should I do?

It can be frustrating and concerning if your dog won’t eat. We have worked with behaviourists and our vet team to compile a few hints and tricks you can try!  Firstly, you want to eliminate a medical issue. A decreased appetite in dogs can be a sign

What is the return policy?

Every Complete Nutrition Plan from Years is individually prepared specially for your dog. Once the plan has been prepared, packed, and shipped, we can’t accept a return. It’s really important that if you want to make any changes to your order, you mu

How much should I feed my dog?

When it comes to how much to feed your dog, we do all the hard work for you at Years. All you have to do is give us your dog’s details and we’ll not only work out exactly how much food your dog needs each day, but we’ll also package your meals in a h

How much Superfood Supplement should I feed my dog?

As with the meal trays, we have calculated how much supplement to serve based on your dog’s individual needs. You dog's daily requirement is printed on the label on the top of the pot. In the example below, Max requires half a teaspoon (2.5 grams) pe

How do I order a Stay Fresh lid?

The new improved versions of our Stay Fresh lids are now available to order in your account. Just log in to your account. The Stay Fresh lids are available in 2 sizes: - Small for 280g trays - Large for all other tray sizes. Select Update Extras to c

Why don't you do single-serve trays anymore?

We switched to the current version of our trays for two reasons:. We reduced the packaging by a massive 52%!. The trays are 100% recyclable and also made from 30% recycled materials. They enable us to cook with 60% less water waste.  2. They mean we